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05-01-2011 05:41 hour
Andrew Raney ( Texas USA )

Excellent site! Nicely done!

14-11-2010 19:32 hour
Doug Mace ( Portland, OR ) djamesmace <at> yahoo <dot> com

Wonderful work. I came upon your site while trying to find out a bit more about Paul Tarascon's Nieuport 11 and "Zigomar". As far as I can learn, Zigomar was series of pre-war French films and one was titled "Zigomar-Peau d'Anguille" which translates as eelskin. So why the rooster I wonder. (The sub-title of the film needs no explanation. It is "Le Brigand de l'Air".) Any thoughts? I believe I will get the model and build it. Thank you for sharing your work. DM

02-10-2010 15:47 hour
Kelly Cavitt ( Endicott, New York, USA ) j_k_cavitt <at> yahoo <dot> com


Thank you for an excellent site. I've never seen anything chronicled so well as your builds. The Pfalz D.IIIa presentation - a prime example - I have never seen that paint scheme before.

I stumbled across your site while I was searching for information on Morane Saulnier Type N, and Fokker EV / DVIII aircraft, for a winter build of each - free-flight models.

Thanks again for this excellent (bookmarked) site!


27-08-2010 02:26 hour
Brett Harvey ( California, USA )

I really enjoyed viewing your site. I'm currently working on an Eduard I-16. So seeing your I-16 was helpful to me. I like the finish you choose and the quality of your photos as well as the model itself. Thanks

28-06-2010 13:34 hour
Alain liotier ( Drôme (France) ) alain <at> liotier <dot> fr

Very good job on your site.
I intend to put a link of your site on mine :
Is it all right for you?
Good continuation to show us the other beautiful kits.

11-06-2010 17:44 hour
Paul Hammer. ( California, USA ) pauldoe <at> hotmail <dot> com

I stumbled on your site whilst searching for information on the DR.1 triplane.
A great job on your web site!
Thank you: a superb job!


03-06-2010 01:26 hour
Phillip Thornton ( Florence, AL. (USA) ) pthornton50 <at> aol <dot> com

Wow! What an awesome site!
Found it while doing research for color for an Alb. DII model I was building. Bookmarked instantly!

Notified many other modelers about your site.

I'll be back often.


14-05-2010 03:58 hour
Mike ( Te Puke, New Zealand ) mike <dot> shores <at> xtra <dot> co <dot> nz

I stumbled on your site whilst searching for information on the BMW IIIa engine for some detail on my current task, building a flying model of the Fokker DVII.

What a treasure chest you've given us on your web site! Thank you: a superb job! I salute you.


17-04-2010 09:05 hour
James Fahey ( New Zealand ) fahey <dot> j <dot> l <at> clear <dot> net <dot> nz

Hi Marek
I found your website while searching for photos of Halberstadt two seaters. What a treasure trove of photos! Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your models, profiles and photos with the rest of us who are interested in WWI aviation. Are you are member over at The Aerodrome forum?
I live in Wellington, New Zealand which is close to The Vintage Aviator and Wingnut Wings model company, both companies linked to Peter Jackson. I have taken a lot of photos of TVAL aeroplanes and posted them in a Photobucket album which you may be interested in:
One day I should organise it a bit better like you have done with your website.
Warm regards
James Fahey

22-03-2010 02:30 hour
mike celeskey ( pensacola, fl, usa ) mikeceleskey <at> yahoo <dot> com

excellent work on this site !!!!
I am currently building a hansa-Brandenburg DI in 1/3 scale......very big. Do you have anymore pics available???? Please say you do...the ones you have posted are very helpful in clarifying the plans I'm working from.
Thanks again....

17-03-2010 14:37 hour
Jim Rait ( England ) james <dot> rait <at> btinternet <dot> com

Really useful pictures of the Gnome engine which I am researching at the moment. We will build one or more in the next 12 months.

09-02-2010 02:55 hour
russ turner ( San antonio ) wezel6 <at> yahoo <dot> com

Simply brilliant site. Excellent for my Caudron project.
Many thanks!!!

08-02-2010 23:39 hour ( UK ) bstachel1918 <at> yahoo <dot> com

What a great site - so much useful information! Thanks for sharing it. up and running soon....

10-11-2009 19:23 hour
Marek Mincbergr

Dear Peter,

I have sent you the answer via email.

Best Regards


29-10-2009 12:08 hour
Peter ( Netherlands ) stpeter <at> live <dot> nl

hello Marek,
I found your website with lots of info about Albatros. I am building one at the moment.
Do you have info about this one?



14-08-2009 19:50 hour
Clare Wentzel ( Kalamazoo, MI USA ) cewentzel <at> yahoo <dot> com

Hello Marek,
I enjoyed looking over your great web site. I am a fan of your profiles. Your 2009 calendar hangs prominently in my reference area.

Great job on your models also plus I expect to be using your Museum photos to add extra details on my models.


13-08-2009 21:06 hour
Marek Mincbergr ( Praha, Czech Republic )

I would be glad to find here your comments and tips to my pages, models, profiles and photos.

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HMS Echo (H23) DE339 J.C.Butler HMS Repulse IJN Abukuma IJN Ise (10.1944) IJN Hatsushimo (1945) IJN Amagi (1924) HMS Majestic (1901) Aviatik D.I, 38.01 Fokker B.II, 03.64 Fokker M 17, 03.58 Lloyd C.V, 46.04 Albatros D.II (LVG), D.1072/16 Albatros D.III (OAW), D.2575/17 Albatros D.V, Jasta 15 Albatros D.Va, D.7161/17 Fokker Dr.I 404/17 Fokker Dr.I 454/17 Fokker Dr.I 545/17 Fokker D.VII (OAW) 4499/18 Fokker E.II Fokker E.III 345/15 Fokker E.V, 183/18 Pfalz E.I 215/15 Pfalz D.IIIa, Jasta 40 Nieuport 11, Esc. N62 Nieuport 16, IRAS Nieuport 17, 1 IAO Nieuport 17, 75a Squadriglia Nieuport 23, 1ére Escadrille Ansaldo A.1 Balilla Hanriot HD.1, No. 6252 Morane Saulnier Type N, Esc. 159 Sopwith Camel F.1, B2455 Avia BH-21, 1. SLP Avia C-10 (Bf109G-10) Bf109E-3, 6/JG 51, Oblt. Josef Priller Bf109G-5, Fw. Hecker, 9./JG 54, Ludwigslust, February 1944 F-51D Mustang, FAG Ki-44-II Hei, TAIU-SWPA Lavockin La-7, 2. SLP P-40E Warhawk, 76th FS, 23rd FG P-40M-5 Warhawk, 14th Sq. RNZAF P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt, 362nd FG Polikarpov I-16 Type 29, 16 IAP SB2U-3 Vindicator, VMSB-241 Sea Hawk FGA.6, 801 NAS Spitfire LF Mk.IXc, MK483, W/Cdr. Tomas Vybiral D.1922/16 - Jasta 24 D.1958/16 - Jasta 12
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