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20-12-2019 07:24 hour
Radek Freiberg ( Hejnice ) messi70 <at> seznam <dot> cz

Dobrý den, jsem velký fanda lodí, mám sen chtěl bych si pořídit nějaké modely ale na stavbu si netroufnu. Vámi postavené jsou velmi pěkné nedalo by se s Vámi domluvit na stavbě na zakázku a případně za jakou cenu. Tel. na mne je 777080717 - stačí prozvonit zavolám zpět.
Moc děkuji Freiberg

29-11-2019 22:51 hour
A. Van Nieuwenhuyse ( Phoenix,Arizona U.S,A. ) azcatandmouse2 <at> aol <dot> com

Marek your site is great I would like to see if you
could do me a favor I have been looking for this
book for ever cannot find one it is Phonix D.I
D.III by JaPo if you ever find one please let me
know I would appreciate it very much.
thank you.

14-10-2019 16:12 hour
Gene K speedy01 <at> mchsi <dot> com

Thanks for this wonderful site!

Gene K

16-06-2019 17:04 hour
Joseph A Morabito ( Yorktown, NY ) morabilty <at> aol <dot> com

Hello Marek

Great site! Your craftsmanship, research, and attention to detail are fantastic. I am soon to retire and hope to return to modeling World War I aircraft. My interests are in Fokker, Albatross, Pfalz, Nieuport, and Spad. Thank you.

01-09-2017 22:14 hour
Антон ( Россия,Москва ) anton1986as67 <at> list <dot> ru

Спасибо отличный сайт. Порадовали фото Русского Анатра Анасаль. если повезет то у меня скоро будут на него чертежи из архива.
Хотел бы попросить если попадется информация по летающим лодкам Григоровича выкладывайте на сайте.Или мне на почту .

31-08-2015 03:53 hour
Jason ( Northern New Jersey )

Great site. Keep up the good work. Your pictures of the Mercedes DIII engine are good reference for a project I am working on, and I appreciate them very much!

09-04-2015 19:29 hour
STAMATIOS VORDONIS ( GREECE ) vordonisstam <at> yahoo <dot> gr


03-01-2015 03:24 hour
Clancy ( california ) gotfreid <at> gmail <dot> com

Great site! Thank you for doing this. Your walk around photos at the museum are fantastic. Most helpful. have a good 2015

08-07-2014 13:17 hour
LEE MAUNEY ( Memphis, TN ) gonzagaspike <at> gmail <dot> com

Your work is amazing and impressive. Each piece pulls your attention toward it with your placement making something new to find each time. Great work! You are a true artist.

02-06-2014 09:16 hour
Ezio ( Vardanega ) vardanega <dot> ezio <at> tiscali <dot> it

I was searching some detailed pictures about the Hiero engine and I found your website. Thank you for your precious contribute and all the best from Italy!!

13-05-2014 19:13 hour
Dennis Brennan ( Atlanta, Ga ) aeropt <at> aol <dot> com

Ssorry I mistyped my e-mail address. This is the right one.

13-05-2014 19:11 hour
Dennis Brennan ( Atlanta, GA ) eropt <at> aol <dot> com

What brand of paint did you use for your olive drab DR1. Also the tail looks like it is gray charcoal. Was everything spray painted.

10-05-2014 10:23 hour
G.E.W. ( Louisiana )

Sorry about my spelling . My reference to the cross on Werner Voss' plane in Jasta Boelcke,was I believe an ancient Nordic GOOD luck cross.I have no way to edit, so feel free to correct or edit me. PEACE

10-05-2014 10:10 hour
G.E.W. ( Louisiana )

I was looking for a paint scheme for my P.Z. R.C. Albatross D.Va . You fulfilled my needs and more. Im going with the Werner Voss colors. Famous for taking on 5 British Aces at once,and some say a better pilot than the Red Barron .The addition of the god luck cross is unique , I new some WWI planes had it,including British and Spads flown by Americans ,of course only later did it represent its more famous meaning.Great Job

08-11-2013 15:08 hour
William Benton ( Olathe Kansas ) poonjabby <at> icloud <dot> com

Awesome website and great job on your models.

03-10-2013 20:52 hour
Marco ( Germany ) maha03 <at> web <dot> de

Great Webside of You!

best Regards

Marco from Germany

05-01-2013 12:27 hour
Bruce Green ( South Africa ) inscalemodel <at> mweb <dot> co <dot> za

Amazing site so much great references and models of a very high standard, well done.

Bruce Green

31-07-2012 02:44 hour
J Bartell ( DeSoto,Mo.USA ) Rossulie <at> Hotmail <dot> com

WOW I feel I have won a jackpot. Interest in Jastas for over a year and difficult to discover the who and what. Your site very helpful.Thank You. If you have photos of pilots to post next to their planes I would be exceedingly happy. As I find things I will send them if I can.Happy Trails! J

11-06-2012 12:29 hour
George Kandylakis ( Thessaloniki - Greece ) gkand4 <at> hotmail <dot> com

Excellent reference material !


27-03-2012 02:53 hour
Greg Kozak ( Sterling, Virginia, USA ) gkozak2 <at> verizon <dot> net

Your models are crisp and sharp looking, the detail is superb, and they look very authentic. Wonderful!

27-03-2012 02:48 hour
Greg Kozak ( Sterling, Virginia, USA ) gkozak2 <at> verizon <dot> net

Man, you build some beautiful models! I have a load of WWI kits I plan to build in unusual markings (Siberian Morane L, Far East Republic Re.8, Bulgarian Fokker D.VII, Slovenian Albatros D.III, Austrian Heimwehr Fliegerkorps Hansa Brandenburg C.I, for instance), and I hope mine turn out half as nice as your models!

12-03-2012 17:21 hour
chris Langley ( USA (California) ) langleyc <at> sbcglobal <dot> net

I love your model builds. Excellent!
Do you have an entry, etc., regarding HOW to make wood propellors for 1/48 and/or 1/32 scale WW.I aircraft.
I just can'tfind anything on that...

Anything would be very appreciated..
Thank you ...

03-03-2012 23:46 hour
Gustavo Andrade ( Argentina ) soytaio <at> hotmail <dot> com

Sorry my english is very bad. Your work is superb. I put some pics of your planes in for example of de argentinian modellers and put too your direct page link for the same interest. Thank you for exist for us. Best reggards

04-11-2011 13:24 hour
Nicolas Siméon ( Leuven, Belgium ) nicolas <dot> simeon <at> hotmail <dot> com

Hello Marek!

I was intrigued you said the ships are on scale 1/700, but when I see the pictures, you wouldn't say! The level of detail is fantastic! Nice water too, looks very cool.

If you need some detail pictures of the aircraft in Brussels museum, ask them to me, I can go there easily :-)

If you have the chance to go to Madrid, you should do the cuatro vientos aircraft museum, a lot of old and nice aircraft there too...

Well, speak to you later and keep up the good work!

Best regards,


09-10-2011 07:26 hour
Karel Vsetecka ( Praha, Czech Republic ) vsetecka <dot> k <at> seznam <dot> cz

SHIPS! Go ahead!!!

10-09-2011 13:52 hour
Maxim ( Russia ) mak-bylkin <at> yandex <dot> ru

Thanks for walkarounds!
And yours models its very good!

08-08-2011 21:01 hour
Giancarlo ( Italy ) avionette <at> gmail <dot> com

I love your web !, are the aircraft original built in 1914/18? or replica?

27-07-2011 13:04 hour
Herman Grobler ( Pretoria, Soth Africa ) herman-grobler <at> hotmail <dot> com

Not only are your models of exceptional standard, but also the structure, and contents of your website. A true inspiration for me, and for many others I am sure. I salute your efforts.

09-05-2011 22:31 hour
Doug Coolidge ( Washington State, USA ) dougs45 <at> hotmail <dot> com

kudos Marek... awesome site! I build in 1/72 scale and after building hundreds of W.W. ll airplanes, I've just begun working on my first W.W.l aircraft. Your craftsmanship and photos are inspiring! I have bookmarked your page so I may return often for research. Keep 'em real...

28-03-2011 04:13 hour
Guilherme Furtado ( São Paulo, Brazil ) gui <dot> ff <at> superig <dot> com <dot> br

Superb models! Fantastic pictures and profiles!
Regarding the website, it also turned out to be one of my reference sites!
Wish you all the best!

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HMS Echo (H23) DE339 J.C.Butler HMS Repulse IJN Abukuma IJN Ise (10.1944) IJN Hatsushimo (1945) IJN Amagi (1924) HMS Majestic (1901) Aviatik D.I, 38.01 Fokker B.II, 03.64 Fokker M 17, 03.58 Lloyd C.V, 46.04 Albatros D.II (LVG), D.1072/16 Albatros D.III (OAW), D.2575/17 Albatros D.V, Jasta 15 Albatros D.Va, D.7161/17 Fokker Dr.I 404/17 Fokker Dr.I 454/17 Fokker Dr.I 545/17 Fokker D.VII (OAW) 4499/18 Fokker E.II Fokker E.III 345/15 Fokker E.V, 183/18 Pfalz E.I 215/15 Pfalz D.IIIa, Jasta 40 Nieuport 11, Esc. N62 Nieuport 16, IRAS Nieuport 17, 1 IAO Nieuport 17, 75a Squadriglia Nieuport 23, 1ére Escadrille Ansaldo A.1 Balilla Hanriot HD.1, No. 6252 Morane Saulnier Type N, Esc. 159 Sopwith Camel F.1, B2455 Avia BH-21, 1. SLP Avia C-10 (Bf109G-10) Bf109E-3, 6/JG 51, Oblt. Josef Priller Bf109G-5, Fw. Hecker, 9./JG 54, Ludwigslust, February 1944 F-51D Mustang, FAG Ki-44-II Hei, TAIU-SWPA Lavockin La-7, 2. SLP P-40E Warhawk, 76th FS, 23rd FG P-40M-5 Warhawk, 14th Sq. RNZAF P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt, 362nd FG Polikarpov I-16 Type 29, 16 IAP SB2U-3 Vindicator, VMSB-241 Sea Hawk FGA.6, 801 NAS Spitfire LF Mk.IXc, MK483, W/Cdr. Tomas Vybiral D.1922/16 - Jasta 24 D.1958/16 - Jasta 12
Hptm. Paul Hennig von Osterroth
D.1960/16 - Jasta 12
Ltn. Oskar Müller
D.1979/16 - Jasta 29
Ltn. Herbert Pastor
FA(A) 263
Ltn. Rudolf Hohberg
Jasta 11
Ltn. Eduard Lübbert
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Gefr. Becker
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D.2033/16 - Jasta 17
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D.2041/16 - Jasta 28w
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Ltn. von Budde
D.2058/16 - Jasta 29 D.2061/16 - Jasta 29
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Hptm. Otto Hartmann
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Offz.Stv. Friedrich Altemeier
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Vzfw. Karolus Bärenfänger
Un.s. - Marine Feld Jasta 53.20 53.21 53.22 53.24 53.25 53.27 53.28 53.29 Aero Ae. 10 (HB B.I) Hansa Brandenburg D.I Spad VII En. AD6 185 HP En. BMW IIIa En. Salmson Anatra Anasal Knoller CII (Lo) Kaspar Bleriot 1910 Tractor En. in NTM En. Gnome Omega 1909 En. Gnome Gamma 1910 En. Gnome Lambda 1912 En. Le Rhone B 1912 En. Le Rhone 9C 1912 En. Le Rhone 9Jb 1917 Avro 504 Bleriot Bristol Fighter Caudron G3 Fokker D.VII Hanriot HD.1 SE5a Sopwith Camel Sopwith Pup Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Sopwith Triplane Vickers Gunbus En. in RAF Museum Hendon Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c Sopwith 2F.1 Bristol Fighters Breguet 14 Caudron G.3 Caudron G.4 DH.9 Fokker D.VII Junkers D.I Morane Saulnier H Nieuport 11 Nieuport II Pfalz D.XII Sopwith Strutter Spad VII Spad XIII Voisin LA.S Aviatik C.I Caudron G.3 Maurice Farman MF 11 Halberstadt C.V Hanriot HD.1 Nieuport 23 R.E. 8 Sopwith Camel Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Spad XIII En. Clerget En. Fiat A-12 En. Gnome 9N 160HP En. Hispano Suiza 8A En. Liberty 12A En. Maybach IVa En. Mercedes D.III En. Mercedes D.IIIa En. Mercedes D.IVa En. RAF En. Renault 80HP En. Sunbeam Arab Fokker Dr.I (replica) Rumpler C.IV En. Anzani 25HP En. Grade 16HP En. Mercedes D.II 120HP En. Mercedes E4F 64HP En. Oberursel U.I 110HP En. Siemens Sh.III 200HP Albatros B.I 20.01 En. AD6 200 HP En. Hiero 250 HP
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